Interview: Q&A: Canterbury Do Christmas



Ahead of their final shows, Canterbury frontman Mike Sparks tells you how you can make their last hurrah extra Christmassy…

The Basingstoke rockers will be playing their last shows as a band next week (check out the dates below) following the news that they’re splitting up. So, we caught up with Mike to ask him about his most festive tips!


Dress To Impress (Santa)

“The more subtle your costume is, the better. I’m all for girls wearing tinsel as a hairband or a novelty tie on the gents. If it’s a musical tie, that’s even better – we might not be able to hear it, but if I can see you pressing the button over and over again then you’re alright by me! We’d like to see some elves out in the crowd, too – skintight green tights look good on everyone!”


Bring A Little Eggnog…

“I’m definitely up for a little eggnog, though probably not before the set, since dairy and singing are a bad combination. But if the crowd are willing to risk me ‘reintroducing’ it part of the way through the set, and want to drink some with me, then I’m in! That said, if you’re in the pit, you should go easy… we don’t want mass ‘reintroduction’ while singing along!”


Sing Carols, Canterbury-Style

“If you want to start singing a couple of verses on Silent Night when one of our songs breaks down all quiet, go for it! It’d be like a Christmas remix! We should probably add some sleigh bells to our songs, because every song sounds like Christmas with a few of those. In fact, we should rerelease our last record with sleigh bells on every track and claim it as our Christmas album! I need to make a few phone calls…”


Catch Canterbury’s final three shows at the following:


17 Birmingham Flapper
18 Manchester Sound Control
19 London O2 Academy Islington


Get your tickets now from the Kerrang! Ticket Store.


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