Fresh Blood: Free Download Of As It Is’ Can’t Save Myself

As It Is


Get a free download of As It Is’ Can’t Save Myself as part of this week’s #KerrangFreshBlood.

Like the idea of happy-sad pop-punk? It might not sound like it works on paper, but As It Is have created their awesome new genre, and we bloody love it. If you’re into Real Friends, State Champs and Brand New, then we think you’re going to dig it, too. Pick up this week’s issue of Kerrang! to get yourselves acquainted with Patty Walters and co. right now. Let us know what you think in the comments!


Stream and download Can’t Save Myself below:



Catch As It Is on Kerrang! TV at the following times this week:

Thursday: 08.55, 17:55, 22:25
Friday: 08:55, 14:55
Saturday: 08:55, 18:55, 00:25
Sunday: 08:55, 13:55, 18:55
Monday: 08:55, 14:25
Tuesday: 08:55, 14:55


Remember to send us your suggestions for hot new bands to check out and give us feedback on each week’s chosen Fresh Blood band using #KerrangFreshBlood!


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