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Booze, Hotel Damage, Firearms And More Booze With Decapitated’s Vogg

You’re the best guitarist in death metal – how do you unwind? By getting guns pulled on you, mainly.

We had a brief conversation with Vogg, guitarist in Poland’s finest death metal export, Decapitated. This interview has all the classic rock star tropes: Dimebag tattoos, Madonna, fire extinguisher fights, guns and a solid and considered answer to that age old question: what happens when we die? Not that we technically asked that. Behold:

Hi Vogg! Have you ever had a gun pointed at you?
When touring in Eastern Europe back in 1997, we were partying in this bar and had no place to sleep – there were no hotels for us back then. We were totally wasted and found an elevator in some post-communist block. It was the only warm place we could find! At 6am some guys turned up pointing a double-barrelled shotgun at our faces!

Have you ever been arrested?
No, but we did come close on tour in America. We got a bit too drunk and ended up getting into a fight using fire extinguishers. The halls of this hotel were full of white foam and I looked like a snowman! Then the fire alarm went off, so the firemen turned up with the police. Luckily, we just got told to leave and never come back.

What’s the most ridiculous place you’ve ever woken up?
On that same tour there were some crazy afterparties, with all of us swimming naked in hotel pools, completely drunk. One time I woke up on a recliner with no mattress or pillows – it was just this metal chair surrounded by the mess around the pool. I had no idea who or where I was!

Decapitated - Ereshkigal (1997 demo)

What’s the worst song you’ve ever written?
Spheres Of Madness – only because we’ve had to play it at every single show since it was  released in 2002. That’s 15 years now, and  it’s a bit like we have to play it.

Have you ever forgotten how to play your own songs?
Maybe a couple of times, but it doesn’t happen that often. I think it happened more when I was playing with [Polish death metal legends] Vader, where I’d slam a few vodkas before the encore. So we’d come back out with the booze really soaking in and my mind would become a black hole!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve been asked to sign BY A FAN?
I signed a car once – which is the weirdest thing I can remember right now. It was probably a Ford, somewhere in the U.S., where our fans tend to have the craziest ideas! To be honest, metal fans are all crazy – you just don’t get that with pop or classical music.

Who is the most famous person in your phonebook?
I’ve never met the guys from Metallica or Guns N’ Roses, but I actually got to know Monte Pittman, who is Madonna’s guitarist. We got on really well, so when Madonna came to Warsaw to play our national stadium, there was a whole room backstage for us with champagne and food.

Pantera reform and ask you to play guitar, but only if you stop Decapitated. What do you say?
Motherfucker! That is probably the hardest question I’ve ever been asked. A long tour could be lots of dates over one or two years… so I would go for it and probably shit my pants. I would need to drink for an entire week to celebrate. To be honest, there’s not many bands I would join to replace Decapitated. It’s not about the money for me. I love my bandmates, but Pantera are like my favourite band ever. I even have a tattoo of [late Pantera guitarist] Dimebag – he was always number one for me.

For what powers would you sell your soul?
I would ask for the ability to disappear and be  invisible – that’s the power I want most! I’d sneak around spying on people.

So what actually happens when you get decapitated?
Well, I would get the band to replace me and use a photo of my decapitated head for the next album cover (laughs)! Seriously, though, it’s hard for me to believe in much else. Humanity is always looking for the answers, that’s why we have religion, but I find it very hard to believe in any of it. I’m too much of an atheist – so I choose to focus on my life here on Earth and do the best I can to deliver the best riffs possible. That’s my religion!”

Words: Amit Sharma

Posted on August 11th 2017, 3:58pm
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