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Frank Iero Kindly Asks Fans To Respect His Band’s Privacy

“I hope you can understand this request or can at least can respect these boundaries…”
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Frank Iero has taken to Twitter to politely ask fans to respect The Patience’s privacy on the road.

Frank Iero posted the following statement on Twitter:

“Dear friends, I truly appreciate your love & enthusiasm for The Patience coming to tour your cities,please know we are excited too! However high speed taxi chases to our hotels & following us to train stations where we have to load & account for gear in a small amount of time is not only extremely unsafe, it adds an incredible amount of stress to our work & travel, & strips us of the small amount of privacy we so desperately need in order to put on the best show possible for you.”

“I hope you can understand this request or can at least can respect these boundaries as I believe it will benefit all of us and the performances.I look forward to seeing you all at the shows! xofrnk”

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Slam Dunk With Confidence
Posted on March 15th 2017, 3:32pm
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