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Here Are A Couple Of Unusual Metallica “Takes” You May Enjoy

A mash-up of One and I Will Survive, and Sad But True at double-speed? Sure, we’ll kill some time with those.

IDK. You mightn’t care. You probably shouldn’t care. But you’re here, now. So: below are two clips for your questionable pleasure. The first is Metallica’s One mashed up with Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive, and the second is the same band’s Sad But True at double-speed.

Why? Because the world is full of pain and misery and sometimes something more light-hearted is just the ticket. And, actually, that mash-up is pretty… good? It is kind of, isn’t it? Like, we’d be into this, at a wedding. (Hang on, I am DJing a wedding in a couple of weeks…)

The disco/metal blend is the work of YepImTheToaster. He’s also produced mash-ups of AC/DC with Bruno Mars, Billy Joel and Nirvana, and (personal favourite) Andrew WK with the music of Sega’s Turbo Outrun arcade racer.

The (rather more recently published) double-speed vid comes from Samus Paulicelli, aka YouTube user 66Samus. Enjoy? (I mean, again, it’s… yeah, we’d probably get down to this. Maybe not at a wedding, though. Think of those elderly relative hips.)

Hey, it’s not our fault you’re here, wasting your time with this stuff. (Okay, it kind of is. Sorry.)

Posted on September 13th 2017, 8:26am
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