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Juiceboxxx Unveils New Track, Guts And Tension

“Guts And Tension is a punk rap song about being true to yourself.”

Juiceboxxx has unveiled his new single, Guts And Tension, exclusively with Kerrang!.

The track is taken from the punk-rapper’s forthcoming Freaked Out American Loser album, which is out on July 28 via Dangerbird – pre-order it now at juiceboxxx.com.

Of his new single, Juiceboxxx says: “A few years ago someone wrote an entire book about me called The Next Next Level. Seriously. What the fuck? I still can’t really process it, if I’m being honest. One positive thing that came out of the whole confusing project was a motivating desire to transcend whatever narrative someone else tried to force upon my life and music. Guts And Tension is a punk-rap song about being true to yourself, even when everyone thinks you are a crazy person. It is also about my live show, which is a quest for true rock’n’roll intensity. It doesn’t matter if I’m playing for five people or 5,000. I put it all on the line.”

Posted on July 13th 2017, 2:00pm
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