Chris Cornell 2015
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Read Rock’s Tributes To Chris Cornell

He’ll be truly missed.
Chris Cornell 2015

Some of rock’s biggest names have posted their tributes to the late, great Chris Cornell. 

After the devastating news broke today(May 18), some of rock’s most famous faces have come together to pay their tributes to the Soundgarden/Audioslave frontman.

Read the tributes below:

Connor Mason, Nothing But Thieves:

“It was devastating to hear about Chris Cornell, I idolised him in my early teens. Fell on black days and black hole sun were two of the best songs in terms of songwriting I’d heard as a teen and made me fall in love with Soundgarden. But as Audioslave came into fruition the first time I heard that scream on cochise I lost my mind, I knew this would be someone I’d study and idolise as a vocalist for the rest of my life. A legend and devastating loss to the world. My heart is with his family.”

Max Helyer , You Me At Six:

“‪Chris Cornell‪ was an amazingly talented musician, working on different projects in my life which saw me take some influences from them. Black hole sun will always have a soft spot for me as it was the first song I ever heard from Soundgarden, Cochise from audioslave is an undeniable hit that still resonates with our band to this day. I own a Chris Cornellsignature gibson 335 and this lose will make me cherish this guitar way more than just a guitar now.”

Janine Shilstone, VUKOVI:

“Vukovi’s first ever festival was Hard Rock Calling at Hyde Park. I remember us walking into the arena wide eyed and SoundGarden were playing the main stage at the time, we all just looked at each other in awe of him. We blagged our way into the artist area later on that day and ended up sitting only a few feet away from him. He had this nonchalant air about him, he was a true Rock Star.”

Saw him live once and he was an electric presence. Brilliant writer and what a voice. #ripchriscornell

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Heather Perkins, Slowcoaches:

“The voice of Chris Cornell soundtracked my early teens. I remember my friend at school giving me a burned copy of the Audioslave self titled album – with the title scribbled on the front in Sharpie. There was something about those riffs and that voice that really appealed to me. And that definitely got me into the heavier stuff that I love now. I used to spend hours writing Soundgarden lyrics on my rucksack, my pencil case. RIP Chris.”

Ollie Loring, Big Spring:

“Chris is the true definition of a legend. He’s one of the main reasons our band even exists. His riffs, voice and songwriting are all just on another level, that only a select few masters will ever reach. Thank you Chris for blessing us with your beautiful songs.”

Posted on May 18th 2017, 1:58pm
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