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Senses Fail Premiere New Song, In Your Absence

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Buddy Senses Fail

Senses Fail are premiering their brand new track, In Your Absence, exclusively with Kerrang!

The song is the title-track from the post-hardcore veterans’ upcoming acoustic EP, In Your Absence, which is being released to commemorate their 15th birthday.

Talking about their birthday and their new EP frontman Buddy Nielsen said: “15 years ago the first thing we ever did was put together an EP, that eventually turned into a longer EP called From The Depths of Dreams which was our first official release. WE thought it would be appropriate to celebrate our 15 year anniversary by doing the same thing. These songs are a throwback to an older style of Senses Fail and we are very proud of exploring this sound and the future. Here is to another 15 years.”

Listen to the track below:

Posted on February 15th 2017, 1:58pm
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