Kontrol Kerrang! It’s a rock revolution! This is your chance to cast your vote for the videos that you want to see on Kerrang!… right now! Check out the image below and Tweet to tell us who your faves from 2015 were! Download The Box Plus app, watch online here or tune into Sky 368, Virgin Media 342.In our brand new show the viewers are taking over, check out what the Kerrang! Kontrollers have chosen to blast from the channel every Monday to Thursday from 5pm. For YOUR chance to star in the show and be a Kerrang! Kontroller, simply tweet us with #KontrolKerrang. KontrolKerrang 301115_WEB

What are you waiting for? Get involved and have your say! Read the full #KontrolKerrang Terms and Conditions here
• The vote opens at the start of the programme and closes during the programme when the countdown is shown on screen.
• Any votes received before or after this period will not be counted.
• The number of times you can vote is limited to 50 times per programme.
• Retweets and replies will not be accepted.
• Votes may be restricted or discounted if you are found to be abusing the voting system in any way.
• This Vote is run by Kerrang TV and not Twitter and as such the Vote Rules will apply to your Vote. However, because this Vote uses the Twitter platform, Twitter’s Terms of Service (link is external) (link is external) will continue to apply to your use of Twitter and we recommend you review these.. The Latest From K! TV: