Check out the catchy title-track from their brand-new album.

I Don’t Wanna Be Bored is a jam, no doubt about it.

Peruvian YouTube sensation Tongo, famous for his spirited but largely approximate covers of big rock songs and excellent videos, has turned his hand to ​Linkin Park’s In The End.

Listen to the new track X (Mwah)!

Wake Up! Roseville is a TV show we’d like to see happen.

The defining moment of a generation, reimagined as songs by Childish Gambino, Xxxtention, Fats Domino, Bonnie Tyler and loads more.

Unnecessary? Possibly. Unwieldy? Absolutely. Fun to look at? You betcha. Impossible to play? We can’t really tell yet.

Watch Dashcam Footage Of Machine Head's Recent Bus Accident

It’s not a hugely dramatic collision by any means, but it could’ve been way worse.

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