Chicago’s finest have released their brand new album today!

​For his latest video, the consistently entertaining Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs has got Jared Dines in to cover a load of famous songs by non-metal artists in the style of Korn.​

This is what we got into music journalism for.

The Baltimore hardcore kids are doing something special at the moment.

The band played London’s O2 arena this past Friday, and opened their set with a surprise.

Check Out Listener's New Video For The Manhattan Projects

Listener’s unique style is tricky to pin down. Could be post-hardcore, could be rock, could even be accompanied spoken word, although they call it: talk music.

Watch A Video Of Robb Flynn Reciting The Lyrics To Bastards

You can’t really accuse the Machine Head frontman of sitting on the fence with regards his political beliefs.

​Blood Youth have been kind enough to let us premiere From The Ground Up, ​a 10 minute documentary that includes footage from their recent support shows with Prophets of Rage in London and Germany.

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