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Blink-182’s All The Small Things Played On Small Instruments Is Something You Need To Hear

All The Small Things played on small things…

The internet is enormous and contains many things, so why would the existence of blink-182’s All The Small Things played on tiny instruments be something that would come as a surprise? 

A Youtuber, known simply as Davie504, regularly posts videos of himself playing music on tiny instruments or guitars that have a zillion strings on them. One of his subscribers challenged him to take on the pop-punk anthem, so he decided to play All The Small Things on, err, all the small things. 

Check out his rendition below…

It’s a pretty decent attempt, but we’d like to see him play the same track on a 15-string bass and a drum kit with over 30 items to it. 

Anyway, watch the original version below and let us know how you think Davie did…

Posted on September 12th 2017, 3:38pm
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