Stray From The Path

Stray From The Path Reveal New Video For The Opening Move

The American hardcore crew get lively on a chessboard – and are heading to Europe, soon.

Long Island’s Stray From The Path released their eighth studio set, Only Death Is Real, via Sumerian on September 8 – and now there’s another video in the wild, too. 

Yes. Yes.

The band’s previous video, for Goodnight Alt-Right, incurred the ire of Paul Watson, aka PrisonPlanet on Twitter (and no, we’re not actually going to link out to that jerk). “SJWs made a metal song, and yes it’s as bad as you think,” was his scathing critique. 

Wonder what he reckons about The Opening Move, which sounds just about powerful enough to tear the head off any spineless bigoted fuck spouting trash to an audience of gutter-crawling thumbs-downers. Nazi punks, fuck off.

Anyway. Unsurprisingly, The Opening Move is the opening track on Only Death Is Real.

Stray From The Path tour Europe as follows:


5: London, Underworld
6: Leeds, Key Club
7: Glasgow, G2
8: Manchester, Rebellion
9: Cardiff, The Globe
10: Birmingham, Mama Roux’s
11: Eindhoven, Dynamo
12: Antwerp, Kavka
13: Stuttgart, Club Cann
14: Nuremberg, Hirsch
15: Budapest, Dürer Kert
16: Vienna, Arena
17: Munich, Feierwerk
19: Leipzig, Conne Island
20: Prague, Rock Café
21: Berlin, Cassiopeia
22: Hamburg, Logo
23: Stockholm, Spinnrocken
25: Helsinki, Nosturf
27: Gothenburg, Fängelset
28: Hannover, Bei Chez Heinz
29: Cologne, Underground
30: Aarau, Kiff
31: Paris, La Maroquinerie 


1: Lyon, Ninkasi Kao
2: Barcelona, Razz3
3: Madrid, Nazca
4: Oviedo, Wolfest
5: Lisbon, RCA Club

Posted on September 13th 2017, 8:09am
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