6 Things We Want From The New Marilyn Manson Album

With news that Marilyn Manson's album is finished, we look ahead to what we actually want from his 11th record

6 Things We Want From The New Marilyn Manson Album

Yesterday it was revealed – via a photo of Shooter Jennings next to a Rolling Stone cover – that the new Marilyn Manson album was finished. Mazza himself described his upcoming 11th full-length as a “masterpiece”, which are strong words from a man responsible for one of the best three-album runs in all of heavy music (Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, Holy Wood). But we believe in the power of Manson, and his recent return to form with The Pale Emperor and Heaven Upside Down has proven he’s still capable of creating genuinely engaging pieces of art. But what do we actually want from The God Of Fuck in 2020? Well…

Something Genuinely Shocking

At the turn of the century, the name Marilyn Manson was synonymous with the phrase ‘moral panic’. Mums everywhere recoiled in horror at the mere thought of the Antichrist Superstar corrupting the souls of their precious children… which only furthered Manson’s legend. To be fair, two decades ago humanity was much easier to scare (remember the Millennium Bug?), but today we’re a jaded species who spend our lives scrolling through atrocities on social media like it’s no big deal. It’s going to take a real artist – someone like Double M – to remind everyone just how appalling and terrifying rock music can be.

An All-Out Rager

The Fight Song. mOBSCENE. Disposable Teens. Manson is at his most exciting when spitting pure venom into the faces of his enemies; belting out anthemic, vitriolic choruses at the top of his lungs. But this isn’t the preserve of his former self – We Know Where You Fucking Live from Heaven Upside Down is a standout in MM’s canon, getting fists and adrenaline pumping in tandem. There’s a lot to be angry about in the world today, and if anyone can distil our anxieties and aggression into one three-minute sledgehammer then it’s Brian Warner.

A Political Warcry

Speaking of getting angry, surely now is the time for Marilyn to exercise his political muscles and pen one of the greatest anti-establishment songs of all time (unless he’s pro establishment, but we highly doubt it). Lyrically he’s been knee-deep in metaphor and innuendo for years, never naming names or specific events, but we’d love to hear someone as acerbic and well-read as Manson to unleash hell on a world gone mad. It’s election year in the United States, and who wouldn’t want king of the spooky kids on their side?

Broody Manson

As mentioned previously, Manson’s aggressive side is his most exciting, but as demonstrated on The Pale Emperor, his dives into the murkier, darker, slower realms of rock are ideal for his current incarnation. Killing Strangers, The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles, Blood Honey, Tattooed In Reverse… all prime examples of the pitch-black, otherworldly music we want to hear. These feel effortless, not shoehorning in nightmarish imagery for the sake of it – instead they’re the sound of a complete artist sharing his passion for all things morose. Basically, we want something to sway to while drinking a pint of snakebite and black.

An Overarching Concept

As good as The Pale Emperor and Heaven Upside Down are, they’re missing that overall storytelling aspect we originally fell in love with Manson for. Collections of good songs, yes, but we also know that he likes to spin a yarn, and it would be fantastic to hear a congruent tale of woe and misery from the Antichrist Superstar. For a mind as creative as his, we’re sure Mazza could rustle up a mind-bending story arc that ebbs and flows through a collection of brooding ballads and raging pit-starters. A deep exploration into love and loss through the eyes of a Satanic entity? A rock opera about the illuminati? Or just a double-album about Tiger King? We’d take all three, tbh.

A Ridiculously Ambitious Stage Show

Remember gigs? They were good. Well, when we’re all allowed outside again, fingers crossed that something on Manson’s newie will lend itself to the centrepiece of his most epic stage show. We all know he’s not afraid of theatricality, but when bands like Ghost are showing the rock world what is achievable in theatres and arenas, artists like Manson should be drawing up mind-mangling blueprints for their next tour. Sure, in recent years we’ve had costume changes and pulpits and giant guns, but we want some real danger. Leave us mentally scarred and we’ll thank you for it.

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