Underoath return with new single: “It’s about letting go of trauma or demons…”

Listen to Underoath’s new single Let Go – their first with new label MNRK Heavy, following last year’s Voyeurist album.

With their Blind Obedience U.S. tour kicking off today (March 3), Underoath also back with new music.

Having recently signed to MNRK Heavy, the Tampa titans have unleashed new single Let Go – their first since last year’s Voyeurist album. And, they reveal that Let Go was actually the first song they managed to complete after that record.

“It took a few different forms but we got it to a place where we knew this is what it should be,” they explain. “It’s about letting go of whatever trauma or demons that might be holding you back. As hard as it is to make those decisions sometimes, I feel like we can never grow without stepping out of those toxic environments.”

Teasing what else is to come, Underoath say that they “couldn’t be more excited” to release “some of our favourite work to date”.

Catch Underoath in the States this month and next, before they return to the UK for Slam Dunk Festival in May.

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