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Features In photos: Architects, Nova Twins and more rock ALT+LDN

Here’s what it looked like when Architects, Nova Twins, Bob Vylan and more hit London’s alternative rock and hip-hop fest, ALT+LDN.

Features 10 bands who have the most wholesome friendships with each other

Plenty of bands fall out at some point, but this lot have always felt like the best of friends…

Features Tom Searle Forever: The infinite impact of his Architects lyrics

On the fifth anniversary of his death, Architects fans tell Kerrang! how guitarist Tom Searle’s profound words have kept them going through their darkest periods, and taught them to embrace life.

Features 13 brilliant B-sides that should’ve been on a proper studio album

We rank the finest tracks that have made their way back from the cutting-room floor…

The News Architects reschedule 2022 UK tour, add new German dates

Architects’ huge For Those That Wish To Exist arena tour in the UK has been moved back to May 2022.

Features The 17 best albums of 2021 so far

From Gojira to Weezer to Evanescence and beyond, these are albums you need to listen to from the past six months.

The News Architects announce For Those That Wish To Exist U.S. headline tour

Architects will be crossing the pond later this year on the For Those That Wish To Exist North American tour.

Features Why the message of Architects’ All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us resonates more today than ever before

On the fifth anniversary of Architects’ All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, we look back at the messages put forth by the band and the late Tom Searle, and how they’re more important now than ever.

The News “They’re not getting rich from our concept”: Architects defend band who ‘ripped off’ their artwork

Drummer Dan Searle responds to German band OSsimilar artwork”, and encourages fans to channel their outrage” into more worthy causes” instead.

The News “I will make it extremely uncomfortable for them to be there”: Artists call on ALT+LDN to remove Die Antwoord from line-up

What I can do is ask publicly for ALT+LDN to remove Die Antwoord from this festival…” says Bob Vylan’s Bobby.

The News Architects, Machine Gun Kelly and more announced for UK's first rock and hip-hop festival, ALT+LDN

This summer’s ALT+LDN festival combines rock and hip-hop to reflect the sound of the modern youth revolution’.

Features 10 artists helping to save the planet through environmental activism

Here are 10 bands and artists looking out for Mother Earth.