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The News Bad Wolves Have 21 Songs For Their New Album

Bad Wolves reveal they have over twenty songs in the bank for their second album

The News Tommy Vext Became Homeless To Tour With Bad Wolves This Year

The vocalist gave up his apartment and car to hit the road with his heavy metal band.

Features 7 Things You Need To See Right Now

Look, we’re know you’re busy, so here’s some stuff you may have missed…


The band covers both what today’s American celebration is supposed to be, and what it actually is.

Features States Of Metal: New Jersey Is A Blue-Collar Breeding Ground for Heavy Metal Innovation

New Jersey may get a bad rap, but the state is responsible for some of the best heavy music to ever come out of the United States.

Features "I Testified Against My Twin Brother, Who Tried To Kill Me When He Was High During A Home Invasion"

Welcome to the insane story behind one of the breakthrough bands of the year…