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The News Gamer Somehow Plays DragonForce's Through The Fire And Flames At 165 Per Cent On Guitar Hero

DragonForce’s notoriously difficult Through The Fire And Flames at 165 per cent on Guitar Hero? Er, count us out.

Reviews Album Review: DragonForce – Extreme Power Metal

DragonForce unleash extreme cheese on Extreme Power Metal…

Features How I wrote Through The Fire And Flames, by DragonForce's Herman Li

Guitarist Herman Li talks us through DragonForce’s breakthrough hit Through The Fire And Flames – it’s not just about Guitar Hero, y’know?

Features Download Festival’s 17 most memorable moments ever

Featuring Maiden, Metallica, AC/DC and more – these are the most iconic moments from Download Festival throughout the years…

The News Dragonforce's Herman Li Is Auctioning Off A One-Of-A-Kind Guitar For Charity

Help Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li raise money for a good cause.