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Features The story of British punk in 23 songs

From the filth and fury of the Sex Pistols through the extremity of Discharge to the snot-nosed chaos of Gallows, this is the story of British punk in (almost) chronological order…

Features I Went On A Pilgrimage To Try Killing Joke's Pie

Killing Joke have released their own pie, but is it any good? K!‘s own pastry enthusiast Nick Ruskell went to find out…

Features The 10 Spookiest Moments In Rock And Metal

From haunted studios to summoning evil spirits, we investigate the supernatural and spooky events encountered by rock stars…

The News Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman Helped Create This New Chicken Pie (Yes, Really)

Get your hands on The Joker!, a new collaboration between Jaz Coleman and excellently-named pie shop Piecaramba!.

Features The 20 Best Songs Specifically About Halloween

To celebrate the greatest night of the year, here are 20 tracks about Halloween proper.

Features Jaz Coleman: "We've been adapted from an already evolving primate, another race of sentient beings"

An mind-bending discussion with Killing Joke’s mainman Jaz Coleman, from the rock revolution to the hybridisation of the human race

Features Jaz Coleman: "When Killing Joke Really Lock In, There's This Strange Energy Between Us All. And It Was Born In Magic"

Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman on reincarnation, the power of magic and his incredible legacy

Reviews Album Review: Jaz Coleman – Magna Invocatio

Killing Joke’s Jaz Coleman leads the Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra for Magna Invocatio…

Features The 13 Bleakest Rock And Metal Albums Ever

Just in time for the saccharine overload of festive season, we rank the most emotionally desolate rock and metal releases of all time…

The News My Chemical Romance: The Comeback Of The Year

Plus, Ghost, Creeper, The Ghost Inside, Jaz Coleman, Petrol Girls, Slayer, Nightwish, Machine Head, Greta Van Fleet, Panic! At The Disco and loads more!

Features Pandemonium Was Killing Joke's Brilliant Return To Form

On the 25th anniversary of its release, we look at how Pandemonium reignited Killing Joke’s industrial blaze.

Features Punk Rock Bowling Is The Ultimate Anarchist Party Weekend

With performances by Rancid, The Damned, and Killing Joke, Punk Rock Bowling was a weekend to sooort of remember.