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Features 10 Seriously Great Songs By 'Gimmick' Bands

Here are 10 tracks that prove their makers are more than just jokes and marketing tactics.


When are your parents picking you up, and can I have a ride?”


Hard hitting video journalism from the best goblin, we know.

The News Nekrogoblikon Are Giving Away A Car!

If we can all work together to get Dressed As Goblins to 1 million streams someone is going to be proud owner of a pretty sweet ride.

The News There’s A John Goblikon Chat Show

Yep, someone has allowed John Goblikon to host his own chat show – check out episode one here…

The News Nekrogoblikon’s 8 Favourite Spooky Films

The Goblin-metallers have suggested watching these films in the lead up to Hallowe’en. We’re not sure Laurel and Hardy are…