Oceans Of Slumber

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Features Oceans Of Slumber Are The Soundtrack To A Broken World

Oceans Of Slumber’s new album highlights the cracks in our global society, but vocalist Cammie Gilbert is still hopeful for the future

Reviews Album Review: Oceans Of Slumber – Oceans Of Slumber

Texas-based prog-metallers Oceans Of Slumber continue to stay afloat on opulent fourth album

Features Oceans Of Slumber's Cammie Gilbert: "I feel like my history is broken, I feel like America is broken"

Oceans Of Slumber vocalist Cammie Gilbert shares her thoughts on American history, her own heritage and where we go next

The News Oceans Of Slumber Announce New Self-Titled Album

Listen to A Return To The Earth Below, taken from Oceans Of Slumber’s upcoming self-titled album