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The News Hayley Williams Shouts Out "Badass" Drumming Grandma Who Covers Paramore And Slipknot

Watch badass” drumming grandma Dorothea Taylor cover Paramore and Slipknot.

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Paramore’s Hayley Williams picks her favourite tracks from her band’s incredible career

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Watch this Paramore fan’s Hard Times cover – which Hayley Williams described as being turned into church”.

The News Paramore Fan Honours Victims Of Police Brutality With Reimagined Riot! Artwork

Check out this Paramore fan’s tribute to those who have lost their lives because of police brutality.

The News Hayley Williams On Why She Will Return To Paramore Following Her Solo Album

Paramore’s Hayley Williams discusses returning to the band following her solo album Petals For Armor.

The News Hayley Williams Just Broke A New Rock Chart Record

Paramore’s Hayley Williams is the first woman ever to top the Billboard Top Rock Albums Chart both as a solo artist and with a band.