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Features Zakk Wylde: "Ozzy said, 'Look at this kid, he must really love Randy Rhoads...' I shit my pants and he said, 'Change your pants then we'll play’”

Black Label and Ozzy man Zakk Wylde reflects on a life less ordinary, and why he owes so much of it to Mom and The Boss

Features 10 musicians who became world-famous overnight

We take a look at musicians plucked from (relative) obscurity to join the ranks of globally famous bands, changing their lives forever

The News Zakk Wylde's Zakk Sabbath Have Covered Black Sabbath’s Namesake Song

Zakk Wylde is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Black Sabbath with a recreation of the band’s legendary debut.

The News Zakk Sabbath Have Announced 2020 Shows Celebrating 50 Years ’O Doom

The Zakk Wylde-fronted Zakk Sabbath are bringing their epic tribute band to the UK and Europe next year.

Features "My Worst Habit? The Non-Stop Pounding Of My Genitalia": 13 Questions With Zakk Wylde

Guitar legend Zakk Wylde faces Kerrang!‘s 13 Questions, and ends up talking about his willy quite a lot

The News The Resurrection Of Creeper: How Punk's Dark Knights Cheated Death

Plus, My Chemical Romance, Bring Me The Horizon, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, Zakk Wylde, iDKHOW, All Time Low, Foo Fighters, Dream State and loads more!

The News Zakk Wylde Provides Update On Ozzy Osbourne: "He’s Hard As Nails, Man!"

Zakk Wylde tells Kerrang! that Ozzy’s doing much better and is stronger than all

The News The 11 Best (And Worst) Rock Hallowe’en Costumes Money Can Buy

Halloween’s nearly here! Being as excited as we are for it, we went looking for costumes that rock and stumbled across a few of these beauties. Some are great, some are, well, crap…