13 Records To Kickstart The Revolution


Two decades into their career, Pittsburgh’s Anti-Flag continue to make ferocious music that takes a stand against the corporate mechanisms of the U.S. government and the military-industrial complex that essentially rules Washington. While recent albums American Spring and American Fall are crushing indictments of the neoliberal powers that be, You’ve Gotta Die For The Government, Kill The Rich and Fuck Police Brutality are, sadly, as relevant as ever in 2018. In recent years, Anti-Flag have become more nuanced both musically and in terms of their politics, but the vitriolic rage of this record – the first and last studio full-length to feature original member Andy Flag – makes it a powerful and essential call-to-arms to change the fundamental fabric of society.

There are no prizes for pointing out that the word is in an incredibly messed up place right now – Donald Trump is still in power, Brexit is on the cards, racism and homophobia are on the rise, and the disparity between the rich and poor is only increasing. While music has always offered some kind of escape from the horrors of reality, there are some bands whose albums exist to actually encourage – if not enforce – a change in the way things are. Here are 13 albums that do that more than most. These are rebellious records that should inspire their listeners to stand up and take part in the revolution that it feels like we need more and more with each passing day.

WORDS: Mischa Pearlman

Posted on January 22nd 2018, 2:33pm
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