Gallery: Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Less Than Jake On The Warped Rewind At Sea Cruise 2017

Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte meeting and greeting

Warped Rewind At Sea Cruise 2017 set sail for pop punk and emo valhalla on October 28 and returned, sunburnt, emotional and exhausted on November 1. Imagine that: Good Charlotte, Less Than Jake, Emo Nite DJs, Simple Plan and a bunch of their buddies trapped on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico for 5 days and 4 nights over Halloween. What a ride it must’ve been.

Our pal, photographer Lisa Johnson was on hand to capture the action, some of which you can see in the gallery above. 

It was very intimate and a lot of fun!” says Lisa, “Most of the bands played 3 sets each including an acoustic Storytellers set. On the last night, there was a big group set called And The Dead Will Rock Again for Halloween and everyone did covers of dead rock stars (Nirvana, STP, Sex Pistols, Linkin Park, Bowie, etc). Except The Aquabats did The Cure, and they all dressed like Robert Smith. The air was so quiet you could hear a pin drop as everyone wondered: “did someone from The Cure die?!” The answer was no. They just wanted to do The Cure.”

Sounds like a good time!

Check out more of Lisa’s photography here.

Posted on November 30th 2017, 5:09pm
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