GALLERY: Latinx Punk Fest at the Brooklyn Bazaar in New York

Dozens of Latino punk bands from North and South America gathered for three days of Spanish-sung punk rock madness.

With no sponsors, promoters, or investors, the Latinx Punk Fest descended upon New York City’s Brooklyn Bazaar like — well, like a punk rock fest should: with little warning, no fanfare, and plenty of mohawked punks moshing their faces off.

The three-day, all-ages, non-profit fest kicked off on Friday, August 10th, with Eske from Chicago, IL, Antifaces from Miami, FL, and headliner Lupus from Bogota, Colombia.

We sent talented photographer Rory Higginson to capture all of the madness of this first of three evenings, which — as you can see from his photos below — was a lively event, indeed.

Latino Punk Final 1

Latino Punk Final 2

Latino Punk Final 3

Latino Punk Final 4

Latino Punk Final 5

Latino Punk Final 6

Latino Punk Final 7

Latino Punk Final 8

Latino Punk Final 9

Latino Punk Final 10

Latino Punk Final 11

Latino Punk Final 12

Latino Punk Final 13

Latino Punk Final 14

Latino Punk Final 15
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