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Kerrang! Presents: A Very Metal Christmas

The Christmas metal playlist to end all Christmas metal playlists! Featuring Korn, AC/DC, Corey Taylor, Type O Negative, Dio and quite a few more of your favourites.

Yeah folks, you know full well what time of year it is. A time for good will, peace on earth and wearing long sleeves so your grandma doesn’t get upset about your tattoos. 

But we know how it is folks: rockers gotta rock, whatever the season. Talking politely to elderly relatives and engaging in workplace Christmas cheer can start to grate after a while, and sometimes you’ve just got to take a moment to yourself to play metal loudly on your headphones while pulling a weird face. 

But what if there was some way to assuage your inner mosher while also celebrating the season? What if there was a collection of songs that were both heavy and festive? Two birds! One stone! Neatly gathered into a collection of ten songs lovingly compiled by the staff of your favourite music website???

It just so happens…

Posted on December 8th 2017, 5:23pm
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