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Korn’s Jonathan Davis: “Every Time I Listen To The Nothing I Start Crying”

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis explains why he can’t listen to his new album anymore

Earlier this year, Korn unleashed their most personal, most harrowing album yet in The Nothing. Written in the aftermath of frontman Jonathan Davis’ wife passing away, it’s the darkest Korn have ever gone, as JD explores all facets of life, death and loss within his own mind.

Every Korn record is therapeutic for me,” Jonathan tells Kerrang! today, reflecting on the creative process. “It’s like a chapter in my life. I can pull out any Korn record, listen to it and remember what I was going through emotionally at that time. It’s my everything; it keeps me going, keeps me alive and helps the pain.”

But reliving those memories and emotions isn’t always a positive experience.

“I can’t listen to [The Nothing]. Every time I listen to it I fucking start crying. I mean, it’s difficult for me to perform the songs. It’s fucking hard. But I do it because there are people out there who can relate.”

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Opening up to Kerrang! earlier this year, Jonathan spoke candidly about the pain of the record and losing his wife, but also how he needs Korn as the outlet for his anguish.

“If I didn’t have Korn I’d fucking go insane,” said JD. “I can at least get it out. By doing it a lot, other people can relate and it helps them get it out too. There’s nothing better than when you go through something bad, you’re pissed off, then you throw something heavy on in your car and you drive really fast. You feel better afterwards. I do it myself all the time. Angry, heavy music is really good for that.”

Korn recently launched their own documentary series, which follows the band on tour following the release of The Nothing.

You can catch them in the UK in 2020 at Download Festival on June 12-14. Get your tickets now.

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Posted on December 21st 2019, 11:00am
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