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Light The Torch’s Howard Jones Reveals The Best Places To Go Fishing

Are you a fan of seafood and heavy metal? Then this is the plaice for you. (Sorry.)

With former Killswitch Engage legend Howard Jones back at the forefront of metal again with new band Light The Torch (as well as appearing in Jamey Jasta’s latest video), we thought it was about time to catch up with the frontman and see what’s going on in his world.

And it turns out that Howard’s been all over the planet in search of his second love: fish. So if you’ve ever fancied hanging out with some aquatic animals and you’ve found yourself wondering where the best spots to do just that are, let Howard guide you. And be sure to pay extra attention to his observations on albatrosses and turtles.

(Please note: these photos are not to scale. Hahahaha.)

Fishing in the U.S. is pretty easy. A cheap fishing license, rudimentary rod and reel and you are In business. There are public rivers and lakes everywhere, and lots of coastline. Getting the opportunity to fish in Alaska a few times has been a treat, and doing it with friends like Brock [Lindow] from 36 Crazyfists made it epic. Early morning drive through lots of Alaska, tons of moose and big waves. Props to [Killswitch Engage guitarist] Adam D for the action photo of me with a halibut on one of our excursions. Days later the bounty arrived… 30 pounds – about 14 kilos for most of you – of fillets. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Howard Jones Fishing America

Since most animals are trying to kill or eat you in Australia, why not go fishing? The sheer variety of fish is staggering, and the amount of baby sharks that were being caught was quite surprising. Cairns is beautiful and laid-back; well worth a visit. Grab a nearby charter and get on it. Quick note: albatrosses are kinda jerks. Your bait and your catch is fair game to them.”

Howard Jones Fishing 1

Canadians seem to enjoy being in the water – probably because it’s not frozen for about a month. Yes, I am exaggerating. Fishing is great all year around, and there was no way I couldn’t try ice fishing. It combines hours of isolation with the unbearable cold. Perfect!”

We played a festival very close to water, and thanks to the kindness of strangers I was able to stow away on a boat and catch a cod. I seem to recall Adam D coming with me, carrying a pillowcase full of Corona. True story.”

Costa Rica
Beautiful. Hot. Monkeys and iguanas everywhere. Lots of fish. Whales breaching. Turtles mating. Fun fact: Green sea turtles do not care about anything while mating, it’s kind of weird.”

What more can I say?”

Howard Jones Fishing 3

So there you have it. We’ll sea you on a boat very soon. (And no, we won’t ever stop with the fish puns.)

Listen to Light The Torches’ Calm Before The Storm below.

Posted on March 30th 2018, 10:07a.m.
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