Nat Wood’s Photos Of Trapped Under Ice, Higher Power, Broken Teeth, Chamber


Photographer Nat Wood has previously shared with us a selection of photos of the UK hardcore scene and some images she took while on Higher Power’s recent tour of the USA.

Last week she was on the side of the stage for US hardcore heroes Trapped Under Ice’s sold out Camden Underworld show - which also featured support slots from the best of UKHCBroken Teeth, Higher Power, Chamber and Big Cheese - and was kind enough to send us the above shots.

A sold out hardcore show at the Underworld is a hell of a time, but this one felt like a big occasion - it was Trapped Under Ice’s only UK show this year, and having all those British bands on one lineup was good fun, so the whole place popped off, and that certainly comes across in Nat’s brilliant photos. Follow Nat on Instagram here.

Sean Pitcam was also there to capture the show on celluloid. Here’s his (multiple) view(s) of Trapped Under Ice’s set from the night:

Posted on October 30th 2017, 3:22pm
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