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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Bring Me The Horizon’s Lyrics?

Bring Me The Horizon now have six studio albums under their belts, but do you know all the words?

Bring Me The Horizon have been at least three different bands. Maybe even seven or so. The deathcore upstarts of the early 2000s probably wouldn’t know what to make of the genre-spanning stadium-fillers of today, embracing every kind of music under the sun and forever keeping people guessing. Back when they were all fringes and breakdowns, the idea that they would one day play the Royal Albert Hall would have seemed like the idea of a true maniac.

They did it, via the not-always-popular method of, uh, getting really good at what they do; reinventing themselves while constantly learning and striving for greatness. Holy shit. Good on ‘em. But, how much attention have you been paying to the words?

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How did you do? Were you Doomed from the start or are you sitting atop the Throne? Here are answers to see where you might have tripped up…

Bring Me The Horizon lyric quiz answers

1. 11
2. The butcher
3. Chelsea Smile
4. Shadow Moses
5. ‘Middle fingers up if you don’t give a fuck’
6. Piss you off
7. ‘Soon the sting will pass
8. A Black Dahlia Murder tank top
9. Broken
10. Happy Song

Posted on May 9th 2020, 12:00pm
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