The Kerrang! Signing Tent At Download Was Fun This Year

Thanks to everyone who came down to check it out and meet the bands!

We had a blast running our signing tent at Download this year. It was cool to meet some of you and even cooler to help you meet the bands you love. Here are some nice moments from the tent that you might enjoy:

Dl2018Friday Dragon Force 0028 Min

A heartwarming moment during the Dragonforce signing.

Dl2018Friday Ph Awk 0091 Min

Andrew W.K. being the good guy we know him to be.

Dl2018Friday Ph Cancer Bats 0519 Min

Cancer Bats’ Liam making friends.

Dl2018Friday Ph Cancer Bats 0521 Min


Dl2018Friday Ph Dragon Force 0032 Min

Good vibes as always with Dragonforce.

Dl2018Friday Ph Marmozets 0055 Min

A Marmozets selfie.

Dl2018Friday Ph Vol Beat 0097 Min

We hope this Volbeat poster made it through the weekend, that’s a lot to carry around at a festival!

Dl2018Friday Ph Ymas 0457 Min

You Me At Six hanging out.

Dl2018Sat Ph Aa 0931 Min

Asking Alexandria special forces vibes.

Dl2018Sat Ph Bury Tomorrow 1175 Min

Bury Tomorrow and a young fan.

Dl2018Sat Ph Mayday Parade 1206 Min

Mayday Parade have branded umbrellas and that’s to be respected.

Dl2018Sat Ph Neck Deep 1412 Min

Neck Deep and someone who is definitely a fan of Neck Deep.

Dl2018Sat Ph Pwd 1051 Min

Winston from Parkway Drive channelling Dr Strangelove with those sunnies.

Dl2018Sat Ph Pwd 1057 Min

A man who is not on the fence about Parkway Drive.

Dl2018Sun Ph Baroness 2877 Min

Baroness also went hard in the sunglasses stakes.

Dl2018Sun Ph Bsc 2547 Min

Black Stone Cherry’s sunglasses weren’t quite as striking but they are super nice guys so it probably doesn’t matter.

Dl2018Sun Ph Bvb 2457 Min

Andy BVB is in excellent shape.

Dl2018Sun Ph Bvb 2464 Min

The BVB Army were out in full force and it was great to see.

Dl2018Sun Ph Rise Against 2629 Min

Rise Against spreading their message the old fashioned way.

Dl2018Friday Ph Avatar 0150 Min

The Avatar boys were a nice bunch.

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