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The Six Best Heavy Metal Eateries In The USA Right Now

Few things can satisfy like the Combination Experience. After all, what’s better than enjoying two of life’s best offerings… at the same time?

If you’re like us, and live to eat large quantities of food and slam your head to heavy metal, you’re certainly going to enjoy doing both simultaneously. And now you can, by visiting any one of the following six fantastic metal-themed food joints from around the United States. 

Grill Em All
Alhambra, California

Grill Em All

Originally established by Cleveland natives Ryan Harkins and Matt Chernus in 2009 as a food truck, this southern California heavy metal hot spot is known for its well constructed and uniquely named burgers, bright engaging environment, and genuine involvement with the metal scene. Grill Em All does everything from intimate live sets with guys like Zakk Wylde to creating a separate vegan menu for its non-animal-eating friends. This January marked the fifth anniversary of G.E.A.’s transition from food truck to restaurant, and the place only seems to be getting bigger. With hopes to expand with a second location in the near future, Harkins and Chernus are out to prove that passionate metalheads can make excellent master chefs.

Dark Craft Desserts
Los Alamitos California 

Dark Craft Desserts

Less than half a year old, Dark Craft Desserts is already killing it as a black metal bakery. Culinary school graduate Amanda Kologie and her partner Arthur Mendiola started by bringing delicious and beautifully decorated desserts with names that only true metalheads could appreciate to local shows for sale. With sigil-marked cookies often mistaken for patches on the sales table, Dark Craft Desserts have been making a name for themselves at concerts and conventions. They also currently supply a (soon-to-be announced) nationwide chain, our friends at Grill Em All, online customers, and donate all they can to a local youth shelter. 

Hoeks Death Metal Pizza
Austin, Texas

Hoeks Death Metal

Since 1993, Hoeks has catered to the average late night pizza lover as much as it has to the late night head-banger scene. Current owner and pizza chef Chris Erdie has a pretty down home outlook on his establishment, catering to his loyal, local customers with the help of his parents when they’re around. Hoeks wishes for their customers not to simply grab a quick bite, but to truly enjoy the awesome (sometimes taken for granted) Italian American fare. With whoever’s baking pies at the helm of the record player, you’ll hear a variety of metal albums blasting from their speakers just as diverse the assortment of toppings they have to offer.

Kuma’s Corner
Chicago, Illinois

Kumas Corner

Initially establishing Kuma’s as a fine dining establishment in 2005, owner Mike Cain knew pretty early on that the shining star on his menu was the burger. But current owner (since 07) Ron Cain and Creative Director David Bacso aren’t afraid to incorporate other sandwiches and top notch appetizers amongst their offerings, as well. With five locations across Illinois — and now Indianapolis, too! – Cain and Bacso host a fantastic Burger of the Month” and Mac and Cheese of the Month” that directly (and creatively) represent some of their musical idols (try the Black Sabbath, High on Fire, or Mastodon burgers). The guys also try to prepare monthly burgers for bands that are currently on tour and may stop into the restaurant for a meal. 

Grindcore House Coffee
Philadelphia, PA


Grindcore House is owned by vegan coffee connoisseur Mike Barone. Despite its intimidating name and terrifying logo, the comfortable vibe inside the shop invites customers to feel at home while pouring macadamia nut milk into their cup of naturally delicious joe. Meanwhile, famished vegan customers can nibble on delicious pastries and sandwiches that don’t contain an ounce of animal product. And perhaps most interestingly of all, the store’s back room is known as The Radical Library,” containing rare books about political topics such as socialism, anarchism, feminism, and ecology.

Onion Maiden
Pittsburgh, PA

Onion Maiden

Inspired by bands like the Gorilla Biscuits and Dystopia, this fairly new vegan restaurant wants crafts plant-based meals and desserts with heavy metal names (e.g. For Whom the Egg Rolls), that could be categorized as delicacies. You won’t find any mock chicken burgers or boring salads here; owners and chefs Brooks Criswell, Elyse Hoffman, and Diana Dingo” Ngo, want to showcase the power and the flavor of plant-based foods — not just the allure. Together, they prove that a varied, healthier diet can be balanced with what feels right to you — all you need is a little creativity and the will to experiment. Much like all of the eateries mentioned above!

WORDSJackie Dusza

Posted on April 16th 2018, 1:27p.m.
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