Trivium’s Matt Heafy Told Us His Favourite Albums Of The Year

​Fit For An Autopsy - The Great Collapse

Anyone claiming there was any record heavier or more innovative is wrong. THIS is the heaviest, most inspiring, encouraging, and fantastic piece of heavy music to come out this year. FFAA deliver technically where it needs to be; simplicity in its heaviest of forms when called for. I haven’t felt this feeling from a heavy record since Far Beyond Driven’.”

We had a minute or two with Triviums Matt Heafy and we asked him about his year and what his favourite 2017 albums are because, as we said the other day, that’s what you do around Christmas time when you work at a music magazine. It’s the law.

It turns out Matt’s pretty stoked on life right now. This year was the year all the Trivium fans finally had an album they all agreed on!” he told us. Our career has been filled with countless fans all claiming different favourite albums of our discography — and while this is an incredible thing we all encourage and love — to see our diverse fans all unifying over The Sin and the Sentence has been a wonderful thing.” 

He was psyched on new music in 2017 too: I tried to make a top ten albums list; I ended up with a top 50. That says a ton about this year for music. Across all genres, and especially heavy music, life is good.”

We got him to snip down his top 50 to a top 10 because we know you’re busy people. Check out what he said about each release in the gallery above and subscribe to the playlist below!

Posted on December 14th 2017, 1:51p.m.
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