Turnstile Ripping It Up At Nature World Night Out

Turnstile’s sort-of record release show, captured by photographer Octavio Orduno​.

Last Friday, Baltimore’s favourite sons Turnstile released their world-beating, critically acclaimed, downright completely brilliant second album, Time & Space. Then on Saturday they co-headlined hardcore and hip hop fest Nature World Night Out in LA, alongside hardcore OGs Hatebreed and rapper Xavier Wulf. Hopefully they took a day off Sunday, because they went pretty hard at the show.

How do we know how hard they went? Well, photographer Octavio Orduno was side-of-stage to snap a few pictures of Turnstile in action, and kind enough to let us share some of those pictures with you guys. Check them out, doesn’t it all look like so much fun?

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A video of the full set from xmariedetx.

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Img 4970 25612555617 O


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Have a listen to Time & Space right here:

Follow Octavio on Instagram right here.

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