UNIFY Gathering 2018: Day Two – The Ultimate Gallery

Cursed Earth bring the heavy

One of K!’s bands of 2017 deliver the goods with a relentless barrage of heavy-as-hell hardcore. Yowzah.

After a night of stormy weather and England levels of miserable rain, day two of Australia’s UNIFY Gathering has every right to be a complete washout. But no bands nor punters would ever let that happen, as high spirits prevail and the likes of The Amity Affliction, Stick To Your Guns, Hellions and ROAM find their form with stunning sets.

Check out our gallery from the Saturday of the event, and shortly after doing so, get some flights down under booked. From its picturesque setting to the diverse line-up and super-welcoming attendees, there’s nothing not to love about the festival – it’s genuinely not to be missed.

UNIFY Gathering 2019? Be there.

Photos: Jay Wennington

Posted on January 13th 2018, 10:16pm
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