When Metal Meets Memes: From Undercover Dogs To Embarrassing Dads

A selection of the best metal memes to ever grace the internet

We all love metal. Metal is awesome. It can also be ridiculous at times, but that’s okay because (most) metalheads are completely aware of this fact. The scene has an inbuilt ability to laugh at itself, which is also why metal is perfect for memes. Here, then, are some of our favourite times that metal and memes collided, because we could probably all use some light relief right around now…

Abbath Meme1

We love Abbath, we really do. And in meme terms the black metal frontman and his former band Immortal are the gifts that keep on giving.

There have been hundreds of Immortal-flavoured memes and GIFs over the years, with whole groups devoted to nothing more than their frosty goodness. We could have filled this whole feature with nothing but Abbath in fact, but we’ll limit ourselves for now…

Abbath Meme2

Moving on, it’s always fun when someone co-opts a popular meme format for metal purposes, like these gems from Metal Memes on Instagram…

Or this complementary ‘Metallica/that guy from the Dos Equis ads guy’ crossover…

Metallica Meme1

Sometimes all you’re looking for is something wholesome. Like this simple animation that makes Death’s ultra-bloody Scream Bloody Gore look like Skeletor enjoying a family reunion in a lost episode of He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe. Naturally.

Or this family truism…

Slayer Meme1

Some metal memes are a bit niche for fans of certain bands…

Gojira Meme1

And some are just punny…

Halford Meme1
Mustaine Meme1

And then there are the ones that aren’t built on individual bands but reflect metal fandom itself.

Never change, internet. Never change.

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Posted on April 1st 2020, 5:00pm
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