On tour with Amyl And The Sniffers

Kerrang! invites you backstage with Amyl And The Sniffers as they headline London’s Electric Ballroom.

On tour with Amyl And The Sniffers
Kerrang! staff
Esmé Surfleet

Following the release of their blistering album Comfort To Me, Aussie punks Amyl And The Sniffers jumped on a plane for the first time in two years to play three shows in London, including two packed-out nights at the iconic Electric Ballroom in Camden.

As longtime fans of the Melbourne marauders, we had simply had to go along and catch the action for ourselves, and chat to firebrand vocalist Amy Taylor about what it's like being back onstage again.

Here we take you backstage and into the crowd for Amyl's first UK shows since you-know-what ruined live music.

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How did it feel to get back on the road again?
“We were all excited because it had been about two years since we last got the chance to tour. It was very cool to be on a plane, but yeah, we all got COVID…”

What did you miss most about touring?

“I like working so it was nice to play shows and have a purpose. And Gus [Romer, bassist] loves the UK chicken shops!"

How did it feel performing your new songs live for the first time?

“It was really great seeing the people in London singing along to the new album, especially when songs like Knifey resonate.”

What is the golden rule of the tour bus?

“We use a van still so I’m not sure, but hopefully we will know after 2022. But the rule of the van should be ‘no whinging’ and I should tell myself that.”

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What is the first thing you do when you get to a venue?
“I like getting excited by the rider.”

What is your number one essential rider request?

“Coffee and water."

What is the one thing that annoys everyone on tour?

“I dunno, but I always miss being at home after a certain point. I like travelling but I get nostalgic for where I’m from.”

What is the saddest thing about leaving tour to go home?

“Ending tour is the equivalent of ending a big camping trip or festival season. If it’s done right you’re hopefully tired and dirty enough that getting home is never sad.”

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