Album review: Bokassa – Molotov Rocktail

Scuzzy Norwegian punk’n’roll trio Bokassa explode on their third full-length album, Molotov Rocktail.

When Lars Ulrich discovered his new favourite band just before the world shut down, the little known Bokassa found themselves supporting Metallica in some of the biggest venues Europe has to offer. Thankfully, despite having friends in high places, the Norwegian trio still sound like they reside in the gutter. The magnificently-titled Molotov Rocktail is a suitably explosive mess of hard rock and punk filth with a bite like a junkyard dog.

That isn’t to say it relies on aggression alone. After the spacey intro of Freelude ushers in the noise, So Long Idiots! rides in on a huge rumbling bass and wailing licks. It’s raw and ragged in places, but they also have a knack for beautifully crafted melodies and sing-along hooks. Pitchforks R Us brings in a cheerleading squad a la Faith No Mores Be Aggressive, and Hereticules boasts a bombastic horn section and slamming hardcore breakdowns. Godless rides an Eagles Of Death Metal-style melodic groove, while the title-track provides a direct punky blast of energy. Not to mention the immortal couplet, Fuck your band and your attitude/ You ain’t even heard Weezers Raditude.’

It is a bit all over the place at times, but there’s a certain beauty to the sheer chaos and unpredictability. And even when you think you might have them pegged they reserve one last surprise by throwing out eight minutes-plus of stoner-prog magnificence in the shape of epic closer Immortal Space Pirate 3: Too Old For This Sith. It’s a suitable climax for an album that regularly mixes the sublime and the ridiculous for an end result that’s simply awesome.

Verdict: 4/5

For fans of: Turbonegro, Kvelertak, The Wildhearts

Molotov Rocktail is out now via Napalm 

Posted on September 6th 2021, 8:53a.m.
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