Album review: Defocus – In The Eye Of Death We Are All The Same

German metalcore hopefuls Defocus’ fury is blazing if a little familiar on debut album…

All are equal in the grave, the famous quote reminds us, largely because things are less equal in life. Take art, for example, specifically the distribution of musical proficiency. While Defocus are formidable purveyors of metalcore and their debut album is a consistent affair, its consistency falls short of many of the bands that have influenced it. 

Listeners who seek this out will presumably be dedicated followers of the sound, given that these Germans aren’t exactly household names, so will already be fans of the likes of Parkway Drive and Architects. For that reason, it’s unlikely tracks like Thought Of A Vision and Immerse Me are going to be revelatory, however booming and bloodcurdling they are. 

Those looking for different shades, though, or a taste of what’s happening with metalcore in places other than the UK, U.S. or Australia will find much to appreciate here. While the heaviness is pervasive, and impressive, Tides and Can You See Me are more interesting for the ways in which they incorporate ambient industrial elements, alluding to an atmospheric depth not present throughout because of the fixation on fury. 

At its best, In The Eye Of Death We Are All The Same suggests Defocus are a promising prospect, skilled with dynamics and unflinching in their intensity. That being said, the album’s highlights are moments that hint at future possibilities, though, rather than what they’re producing here and now. The majority of the record is pretty standard fare – well executed, but also well trodden – a common pitfall in the subgenre. Given that this is a solid enough foundation to build upon, it’ll be interesting to see where Defocus go next and truly set themselves apart from the rest of the pack.

Verdict: 4/5

For Fans Of: Parkway Drive, Architects, While She Sleeps

In The Eye Of Death We Are All The Same is out now via Arising Empire.

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Posted on July 2nd 2021, 12:43a.m.
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