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Album Review: Garganjua – Toward The Sun

Third album from Midlands doomsters Garganjua throws up deep depths and soaring highs…

Weightless yet absolutely colossal, Leicester doom quartet Garganjua seem to exist in a paradox. Their name may suggest weed-obsessed sludge silliness, but their music eloquently drifts through heavy darkness while simultaneously bleeding airy light everywhere.

Toward The Sun is their heaviest and most evocative offering to date, expanding on both the beauty and sonic execution mastered on 2018’s epic Through The Void, with their monumental compositions cocooned within an immaculate production that brings out every facet of their massive sound.

A gallant balance between rich textures and sorrowful melodies has been struck to brew an impeccable storm, as the atmospheric The New Sun gives way to the raging Mire, before finding solace in To Ascend (Awakening).

It is a perilous yet undeniably blissful voyage through the vast oceans of doom, masterfully steered by a band absolutely owning their craft.

Verdict: 4/5

Posted on January 10th 2020, 11:00am
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