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Album Review: Necrophobic – Dawn Of The Damned

Another helping of the black stuff from Swedish Satanic metal division Necrophobic…

Do something long enough and you’ll get very good at it eventually. Sweden’s Necrophobic have been working at the black metal mill for 31 years now, albeit with more members than Spinal Tap, and they were very good to begin with. In 2020, their attack is sharp enough to perform surgery with while barely touching the body, a distillation of metallic evil that does The Man Downstairs proud.

Throughout, Dawn Of The Damned is furious, thrashing musical diabolism with spikes, chains, leather and bullets present and correct, and front and centre. The darkness of Darkness Be My Guide and manic intro to Tartarian Winds are timeless Scandinavian blasphemy that will appeal to the dark hearts of those already devoted to their countrymen (and, indeed, ex employers) Nifelheim and Dissection. A Maiden-ish skill with melody gives you something to latch onto, while the tornado power they unleash when they hit their stride will knock you flat on your arse. It’s a magnificently effective modus operandi for singing The Devil’s praise.

True, they’re not saying a whole lot new, but who cares? Being this good at something is good enough. And Necrophobic know their black thrashings inside out, and can turn on the evil at the flick of a switch. That they don’t sound like they’re doing the rounds, but like they’re actually catching fire while they do it, only adds to their charm here. And if nothing else, being so unambiguously at the behest of Satan is a welcome, reliable quality for which Necrophobic should be grimly pleased with themselves.

Verdict: 3/5

For fans of: Dissection, Watain, Nifelheim

Dawn Of The Damned is out now via Century Media

Posted on October 13th 2020, 11:56am
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