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Album Review: Saturnalia Temple – Gravity

Take a walk on the weird side with Swedish doomsters Saturnalia Temple…

Fittingly, progress moves at a funereal pace for Swedish experimental doomsters Saturnalia Temple. The Uppsala trio’s rich, occult psychedelia is the sort of black hole soundtrack that distends time, transporting devotees to another plane entirely. Fourteen years in, in fact, it feels like this gloriously hazy third offering is actually winding the clock back to an era of bigger fuzz, slacker pace and far trippier drugs.

Frontman Tommie Eriksson even pays tribute to the gods of the ‘70s with vintage guitars and amps, further invoking classic Sabbath. It’s as he layers up his personal black magic, though, that these shady songs of praise really connect.

Torn vocals scourge across Elyzian Fields, while Between The Worlds unfurls as an atmospheric 10-minute masterclass. Elsewhere, Bitter Taste churns with a luridly satanic intent, before Alpha Drakonis drops off into shuddering static. Patience is demanded – but it’s rewarded, too, and these are sounds plumbed from the deepest darkness.

Verdict: 3/5

Posted on February 21st 2020, 9:00am
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