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The News All Of Metalocalypse Is Streaming For Free Right Now

In a real choice move, Adult Swim has made all of Metalocalypse available to stream for free.

The News These 3D Cartoon Character Skulls Are A Fun Way To Ruin Your Childhood

One artist’s new series of anatomically-correct cartoon character skulls puts a grim face on your Saturday morning.

The News Henry Rollins Will Voice Tri-Klops In Netflix's He-Man Reboot

Legendary hardcore frontman Henry Rollins will voice the character of Tri-Klops in Kevin Smith’s reboot of He-Man.

The News Watch Alice Cooper Play A Wholesome Animated Character On The Disney Channel

No, he’s not a villain — for once, Alice Cooper gets to play a wholesome Disney character.

Features Belzebubs Are Your Favorite Cartoon Black Metal Band

The stars of the hit webcomic take a moment to talk influences, parenting, and sex cult orgies.