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The News University Offers PhD Scholarship In Heavy Metal

The University of Newcastle, Australia, is offering a PhD scholarship to study the social geography of heavy metal.

The News Watch King Diamond Debut A Jauntily Evil New Song Live

King Diamond debuted a new track, Masquerade Of Madness, at Hellfest this weekend.

The News Heavy Metal Is The Fastest-Growing Music Genre

According to TuneCore, heavy metal has had the biggest increase in listeners.

Features The Underground Sounds Of America: Magic Circle

When Boston hardcore dudes form a classic heavy metal band, the result is as old-school as it gets.

Features The Lost Art Of The Heavy Metal Sex Ballad

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, we remember those forgotten metal classics that sound as hot as they do heavy.

Features The 10 People Who Will Punish You At A Rock Show

Trying to enjoy the show? Too bad! These people are here to ruin it for you.

The News Metalhead Mayor Signs Bill In A Pantera Sweater

Our favorite U.S. mayor repped a seminal Texas metal band at an official legislative ceremony.


The new offering from the Portland classic heavy metallers is a spooky trip to retro heaven.

The News New Study Tries To Determine Why People Like Death Metal

An Australian psychologist is asking the age-old question, How can you listen to that noise?”

Features The Underground Sounds of America: Ghoul

The masked cannibal thrashers are starting circle pits in the name of Creepsylvania.

The News Slipknot Post Cryptic Casting Call For Their New Music Video

Really, who DOESN’T want to be in a Slipknot video?