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Features New Noise: Refused And The Shape Of Punk To Come, 22 Years On

Refused’s Dennis Lyxzén looks back on the Swedish band’s groundbreaking 1998 album, The Shape Of Punk To Come

The News Rammstein Guitarists On New Album: "You Might Even Say It's Fun To Listen To"

In a recent interview, the German industrial act reveal that their new album is a new, enjoyable, infuriating group effort.

Features Laura Jane Grace: "Getting Arrested Politicised Me"

The Against Me! vocalist and guitarist on punk, politics and her new album, Bought To Rot.

Features Matt Bellamy: "Some Muse fans probably know me better than I do"

Matt Bellamy discusses his songwriting influences and process, Muse’s fanbase and more.

The News Billy Corgan: "There Will Be Another Smashing Pumpkins Album"

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman reveals the band’s future plans in the latest issue of Kerrang!.

Features Max Cavalera Reveals The Stories Behind Every Instrumental Soulfly Track

Cavalera dissects every instrumental jam from 1998’s Soulfly to 2018’s Soulfly XI.


Lars Ulrich reveals the creative decisions made during their 1988 album production process.

The News Evanescence's Amy Lee Reveals Personal Turmoil Behind Success Of Fallen

You can read the full interview in the latest issue of Kerrang!.

Features Converge's Jacob Bannon Talks To Us About The New Album, His Creative Process And The Future Of The Band

To see Converge live is to witness one of rock’s most ferocious bands. But the battle rages on away from the stage, too. As they return with a brand new album, Ryan De Freitas meets Jacob Bannon to talk aggression, restlessness, and the search for the missing puzzle piece…”

Features Frank Iero and The Homeless Gospel Choir In Conversation

Jake Richardson sits down with the ex-My Chemical Romance guitarist and the man behind The Homeless Gospel Choir to talk friendship and collaborations.

Features Satyricon: "This Is A New Beginning"

Satyricon frontman Satyr talks to Simon Young about their upcoming album, Deep Calleth Upon Deep.

Features Slaughter Beach, Dog: Well, I Guess This Is Growing Up

Ryan De Freitas meets with Modern Baseball and Slaughter Beach, Dog’s Jake Ewald to talk growth, the new project, and MoBo’s future.