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Machine Head have re-recorded their 1994 debut, Burn My Eyes.

Features Machine Head's Robb Flynn: "I'm Blown Away By The Fact I'm Still Here, 25 Years Later"

To celebrate 25 years of Burn My Eyes, Machine Head have announced a special anniversary tour! Robb Flynn talks friends reunited, reignited creativity and the future…

The News Watch The Reformed Burn My Eyes Era Machine Head Perform Davidian

Burn My Eyes era Machine Head blast through Davidian in the studio

Features A Look Back At 25 Years Of Machine Head's Burn My Eyes

As Machine Head announce a Burn My Eyes 25th anniversary tour, we unpick what made their debut so damn special…

The News Phil Demmel Says Slayer Saved His Career

Ex-Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel reveals how Slayer saved him last year

The News Robb Flynn Says Machine Head Are Working On "New Heaviness"

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn has posted an update from the studio

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I am filling in for a legend who was replaced a legend in a legendary band on their farewell tour,” says the ex-Machine Head guitarist.


The band wrapped up their current tour in Santa Cruz on November 24.

The News Robb Flynn Announces Machine Head Farewell Tour

Guitarist Phil Demmel and drummer Dave McClain have quit the band.

The News Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Calls Trump “Pathetic”, Denounces Racial Hatred, In Charlottesville Blog

The frontman also accepts his past mistakes, but notes that people can change, and stresses that there’s only one side” in this.