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Features The Changing Faces Of My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance had numerous looks throughout their career – and we were there for all of them!


Frank Iero joins us in our U.S. office in Brooklyn, NY, for an intimate hour-long interview.

The News Tomorrow: Frank Iero Joins Kerrang! In Conversation

Set your alarms: Frank Iero joins our In Conversation series tomorrow.

The News My Chemical Romance Pay Tribute To Late Manager

My Chemical Romance’s former manager, Lauren Valencia, has passed away from cancer…

The News Frank Iero Makes Fun Of Joe Jonas's My Chem Rumour In Instagram Video

Frank Iero has posted a video response to Joe Jonas’s recent My Chem reunion rumours.

Features 15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Frank Iero

Think you know everything about Frank Iero? Well, we’ve got 15 facts that say otherwise…

The News Gerard Way Compares Writing Music For The Umbrella Academy To My Chemical Romance

Gerard Way says writing music for Umbrella Academy is reminiscent of writing for My Chemical Romance

The News

Gerard teams up with his brother Mikey Way on brand new song.

The News

The Mindless Self Indulgence frontman’s new album Euringer is out on October 19.