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The News Here Are The Rock Icons We Lost In 2019

On the last day of the year, we take a moment to remember those in the rock community who passed away in 2019.

Features The 50 Biggest Moments In Rock Of 2019

As the year draws to a close, we look at the 50 stories that defined rock music in 2019.

The News Rob Halford Thinks 2019 Was A "Strong Display Of All Things Metal"

In a recent interview, metal god Rob Halford revealed that he thinks 2019 has been a banger year.

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Here are 12 things that herald 2020 as the Year Of Rock.

Features 6 Of The Best Self-Released Extreme Metal Albums Of 2019

Here are six fearsome albums from 2019 that prove label support isn’t always a requirement.

The News Lamb Of God Will Record Their New Album In 2019

In a new radio interview, guitarist Mark Morton reveals that Lamb Of God will record their new album in 2019.

The News Tool Drummer Reveals New Album To Be Released in April

A fan captured video of Danny Carey spilling the beans.

The News Killswitch Engage Have Finished Recording New Album

Delayed, in part, by frontman Jesse Leach’s vocal cord surgery, the album is finally ready for a 2019 release.