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Features Rock And Metal Stars Remember The Impact Of Korn's Follow The Leader

On the anniversary of its release, members of Devildriver, He Is Legend, and more pay homage to Korn’s Follow The Leader.

Features The 50 Best Albums Of 1989

Here are the 50 albums that changed the face of rock 30 years ago.

Features Pandemonium Was Killing Joke's Brilliant Return To Form

On the 25th anniversary of its release, we look at how Pandemonium reignited Killing Joke’s industrial blaze.

Features Master Of Reality Is The Best Album About Being A Black Sabbath Fan

On the 48th anniversary of its release, we look at Black Sabbath’s introspective doom masterpiece.

The News System Of A Down’s Sugar Taught Nu-Metal How To Dance

On the release anniversary of SOAD’s debut, we remember how its first single let us dance like no one was watching.

The News 'The Whole Thing, I Think It's Sick': The Origin Of Slipknot's Infamous Sample

On the anniversary of its release, we look at the spoken words that open Slipknot’s debut album.

Features You Can Make Fun of the Red Hot Chili Peppers All You Want, But Californication Is A Perfect Record

On the 20th anniversary of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 1999 album Californication, we look back at what made it so awesome.

Features How The End Of Heartache Made Killswitch Engage Superstars

On the 15th anniversary of its release, Killswitch Engage’s Adam D. remembers The End Of Heartache.

Features The Legacy Of Type O Negative, Album By Album

On the anniversary of Pete Steele’s death, we look at what made each of Type O Negative’s seven studio albums some of metal’s least worst releases.

Features White Zombie’s Astro-Creep: 2000 Is The Ultimate ‘90s Metal Album

On the anniversary of its release, we look at how White Zombie’s Astro-Creep: 2000 harnessed the disparate influences of ’90s metal into one perfect album.

Features Arise Is The Album That Made Sepultura Great

In honor of the 28th anniversary of its international release, we look at how Sepultura’s Arise changed the band, and metal as a whole.

Features How Linkin Park's Meteora Fought The Odds And Won

We look back on how Linkin Park’s sophomore album took the world by storm… and surprise.